Deprived Of Romantic Love

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Flickr / Thomas  LeuthardFlickr / Thomas Leuthard

Some say you’re supposed to work for love; others say you’re supposed to wait. I don’t really know how one works for love; don’t understand how to wait for it either. I suppose you go about your life and keep busy with all the things that are supposed to be keeping you busy. I’ve heard and read and said some form of, “Do the things you love, focus on being the best you, and then you will find somebody. Or they will find you.” And I’ve read and heard and said, “Go for it – be a go-getter when it comes to love like you would be for anything else.” But on bad days, all of these words lose meaning. And on these bad days, you will feel deprived of romantic love.

You’re not supposed to complain about being single or feel sad about it or…

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