First post

Hi guys.

I decided to start blogging again.

I felt like I needed my own little spot again where I can write down anything that’s on my mind.

I love writing, it has  always been that way. I’m a writer by heart, but that doesn’t mean I’m skilled, I’m just a person who has a love for writing. When I read through the posts of my previous blog (of when I was 16) I automatically started reflecting on my life. There are just so many things that have changed. Fortunately there are more good than bad changes. But as you might know  quantity doesn’t always equal quality. In other words, the bad changes are pretty heavy and may even weigh as much as  the good things altogether. But.. the bad changes are getting lighter because I’ve been telling myself to leave everything behind and just go follow the path that I, myself desire.


Never keep hanging in the past.

Reflecting made me realise how much I’ve neglected the people closest to me. It resulted in feeling guilt at first but.. then I realised that won’t fix anything. What happened, happened. And since we can’t travel back in time we have to let it go and instead focus on repairing by being good in the present.



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